Facilitator Guidelines for using the Hub Space

Jacobs Wells Community Hub c/o Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association.

Workshop and Event Facilitator Guidelines for using the Hub Space, Jacobs Wells Baths, Jacobs Wells Road, Bristol, BS8 1DX

Compliance with our agreement with Fusion Lifestyle

  • Fusion Lifestyle hold a licence on the BCC owned building and have generously issued us with a Licence to Occupy for use of the Hub Space within that building. This can be revoked at any time. All Facilitators must ultimately comply with this licence and comply with instructions issued by Fusion Lifestyle.
  • Permission to use areas other than our Hub Space would need to be negotiated with Fusion Lifestyle direct and we cannot offer storage space.
  • All events organised and promoted by the Hub are “Hub Events” even if facilitated by an outside person and persons using our space are our visitors. Therefore one of our official keyholders needs to be present at all externally organised events.
  • Our licence states that we are responsible for our visitors and that we should sign them in using the appropriate white board or signing in book. Our visitors are not authorised to wander around the site without one of our core Hub members available to guide them.
  • For this and other reasons we need to have a list of names of attendees at events.
  • Insurance  We hold public liability insurance for Charitable and Social Enterprise Purposes and this covers community meetings, coffee mornings, our fundraising etc. Our ‘visitors’ should be covered under this policy and we cannot encourage or facilitate purely commercial ventures.
  • Supporting our Aims Facilitators need to comply with our Equal Opportunities Policy and Service User Involvement Policy.
  • We also would like to invite users of our Hub Space to sign up to our newsletter if they wish and have a chance to hear about our other events and the future of the building.
  • We attract a diverse range of people.  Each person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of their personal circumstances.
  • Appropriate Skills      It would be helpful in promoting events and supporting our community members if facilitators can tell us what experience or track record they have in providing workshops and events.  This might include relevant qualifications as well as any reviews or testimonials of their work.
  • Free Events     We offer the use of our Hub Room free of charge. Free and low cost events are encouraged.  Donations to support the Hub Space are also encouraged. Donations will be used to pay for our utilities bills.
  • Paid Events             Facilitators are required to inform us of their proposed charge or charging structure and to ensure that this is affordable for the community. Concessionary rates for the young, old, disabled or those on low or no income are encouraged.
  • Attendance of Keyholders – unless there are very limited places or the facilitator has to provide substantial materials, the keyholder or hub member who has provided substantial promotional or administrative assistance to enable the event, should be offered a free place.
  • Payments    Payments are collected by the Hub – in cash on the door.
  • Promoting events The facilitator is ultimately responsible for promoting events, but we have a website, Facebook page, Twitter account and noticeboards to help with this.
  • We are a secular organisation and cannot promote events that are political or religious on our website or our Facebook page.
  • FacebookThe hub can create an event on its Facebook page and make the facilitator a co-host. This will not apply for political or religious groups.
  • Facilitator Proposal   Prospective facilitators are invited to contact us at the Hub with a suggestion of what they would like to offer as a workshop, session or event.  If this is something we would be interested in offering our community, we will ask you to complete our Facilitator Proposal.

Other things to include?:

  • Procedure if a facilitator needs to cancel a workshop/event There may be occasions when an event needs to be cancelled.  Ideally advance notice is desirable.
    • Contact people concerned – if time permits.
    • Contact details need to be made available to a Hub key holder if the facilitator is not able to contact people themselves.
    • If cancellation is at short notice – we need to ensure that a key holder is available to display a cancellation notice on the door of the building.
    • In some situations workshops / events might go ahead without the facilitator.A plan for this will need to be discussed prior to the start of the workshops / events.


  • Leaving hub space clean and tidy afterwards
    • The Hub Space is used by a wide range of people.
    • We would like people to leave the Hub Space clean and tidy.
    • No food waste to be left in the building. Rodents are our near neigbours.
    • A charge may need to be made for any additional deep cleaning.
  • Use of kitchen / refreshments
    • There is a small kitchen area where refreshments can be made.
    • We would appreciate a donation if you use the tea / coffee / milk / biscuits.
    • If you use up the food stuffs that we available please let the key holder know.
    • Children are not allowed in the kitchen.
    • Please be aware of the uneven floors and any trip hazards that might be present.
  • Health & Safety procedure
    • We are working in a Heritage Building.
      • There may be some surfaces that are uneven. These may be a trip hazard.
    • There are steps – use the handrail provided.
    • Generally take extra care in this building.
    • Please ensure the front door is kept locked.
    • Please sign in using the wide board on the orange wall opposite the entrance.


  • Equal Opportunities Policy

We need to read this through and have a copy to hand at any planning meetings that we have with facilitators.

  • Service User Involvement Policy

We need to read this through and have a copy to hand at any planning meetings that we have with facilitators.

  • Feedback from Facilitators

We need to encourage feedback from facilitators and the people who attend their events.

  • Feedback from the Hub and Fusion Lifestyle

We need to encourage facilitators to be receptive to our feedback.

  • Mutual Respect and Acceptable Behaviour.

I guess this does relate to the Equal Opportunities Policy – but having a more user friendly document might be helpful. An “unacceptable behaviour” notice is being prepared.