Jacobs Wells Baths Consultation & Survey

In the autumn of 2016, the Central, Clifton and Harbourside Neighbourhood Partnership commissioned a First Stage Feasibility Study to inform the long-term future of the Jacobs Wells Baths building.

Helen Bone from Vivid Regeneration undertook the study from September 2016 to January 2017 and presented her findings and recommendations in an open meetings at the Baths on 19 January – see our blogpost about the meeting. Working in conjuction with Sally, Judy and Heather from Jacobs Wells Community Hub and Dina Ntziora from Artspace Lifespace, Helen organised three Drop-in days focusing on different aspects of the Baths:

Session #1 COMMUNITY focus

Sat 15TH October 2016, 1-4pm

Session #2 DANCE & ARTS focus

Sat 12th November 2016, 1-4pm

Session #3 HISTORY & HERITAGE focus

Sat 3rd December 2016, 1-4pm

During these afternoons, visitors were invited to give their input by sticking post-it notes on the wall and filling in a survey which was also available online. Dance classes, exhibitions, speakers and tea and biscuits were also available! Some photos and video clips are shown below.

380 people in total came to the Open Doors Afternoons. 230 people filled in the online survey. This is an amazing result and shows how important the building is to all of us and how we all wish it to thrive and want… “A vibrant, accessible and inclusive nationally and locally acclaimed hub for dance, performing arts, wellbeing and community development”.

We wish to thank everyone who completed the survey, stuck post-it notes on the wall during the consultation drop in days or gave their input in any other way. Having such a comprehensive assessment of what the community wants (and does not want) for the future of the building will also be massively helpful in any funding applications.



See the Summary Survey Results.

Survey Pie Chart

One of the charts from the survey showing what the community would like for Jacobs Wells Baths.

Helen produced a report of her findings and recommendations which is now with Bristol County Council for consideration. You can access Helen’s report here:

1-page summary of recommendations (see also webpage)

3-page Executive Summary (see also webpage)

Full Report


A few video clips from the Dance-focused community consultation day:


Some video clips from the History and Heritage day:


A few images from the community consultation days: