JumpStart Kids, Fridays

3rd November 2017

I’m Jane, I’m a Personal Trainer with a passion for supporting disadvantaged communities in Bristol with fitness and nutrition, so I’ve started an after-school fitness games club for children who live in Brandon House Flats on Jacobs Wells Road.

We begin the session with a warm-up, then play games (no balls are involved), which develops fitness and social skills (we all high-five the winner at the end!), then finish with free fruit and a chat about being a helping hand. The children are given reward charts to complete during the week that encourage them to: do their homework, tidy their room and do one special thing to be a helping hand each day.


Already, we have seen quiet little personalities start to shine, and so many acts of kindness as the children have completed their sticker charts each week.


The group is free with a suggested donation of 50p to cover the fruit.

Jane Rogers
JumpStart Food & Fitness CIC
0775 123 7049″