Meeting 5 September 2016


Date: 5th September 2016

Time: 19.00-20.30

Present:           Sally Silverman (Chair), Judy Goldsmith, Helen Bone, Isobel Barlow, Annie Tombs, Yvonne Lafferty, Fleur Luce, Francis Harvey, Audrey Stazaker, Colin Moody, Jenny Ford, Gillie Bolt, Chris Millman, Liz Leaman, Hugh Leaman, Sidika Petterson, Dick Willis, Laetitia Taverner, Sally Cavanagh, Enci King, Corinne Fitzpatrick, John Parke, Trevor Haddrell, Councillor Jerome Thomas

Apologies    Heather  Watts (Secretary JWC Hub), Councillor Paula O’Rourke, Councillor Mark Wright,

Doug Francis (Artspace Lifespace), Mike Lawlor (Neighbourhood Partnership Officer, Clifton, Hotwells, Harbourside)       

Jacobs Wells Community Hub

Hub Meeting: number 10

Venue: St Peter’s House


Welcome and Introductions

  • We particularly welcomed Helen Bone from “Vivid Regeneration”. Cllr Jerome Thomas explained that she has been invited by the Council Neighbourhood Partnership to produce an initial report on the possibility of a ‘dancecentric’ approach to the future of the Hotwells Baths building on Jacobs Wells Road .

Minutes of the last meeting

  • The minutes of the last Hub Meeting had been circulated and approved at the AGM prior to the meeting.

Update on Pedestrian Crossing Jacobs Wells Road

  • Cllr Thomas said we have reached a stage of holding a public meeting to approve one of two possible locations for the crossing, both uphill from Constitution Hill.

Specific Focus of Meeting

  • This meeting was called to discuss the Community Dance Centre/ Jacobs Wells Baths Building. The keys have been handed back to the Council by the Bristol Community Dance Centre Charity after 30 plus years use and the building is empty.
  • Helen asked us all to introduce ourselves. 80% of us live in the immediate vicinity of the building and many for more than 30 years. We all expressed deep concern with the preservation of the building and its future as a community asset and a citywide asset.
  • A new dance organisation is forming, hoping to retain major use of the building, but being open to other shared use. Sally Cavanagh introduced herself as a potential trustee. The planning permission granted for substantial upgrade of facilities and use of currently derelict spaces is not lost by the winding up of the organisation that applied for it. A great deal of valuable research was done on the current building in producing the architectural plans.
  • Artspace Lifespace have been approached by Council Community Buildings Officers to take on an immediate 6 months lease. They specialise in running arts events in buildings at risk and some of us remember their use of the Pro Cathedral a few years back. Sally, Heather and I were introduced to Doug Francis, who had hoped to be at this meeting, inside the now empty building last Thursday. We will be updated if a temporary lease is signed.*
  • We agreed the design of the building is tricky, it is difficult to maintain and the recent removal of available parking needs to be mitigated to enable access.
  • We are not in favour of residential use and feel the building does not lend itself to that.
  • An email detailing our immediate concern at rain ingress, tree encroachment, dangerous masonry should be sent to Jon Boss, Mike Lawlor and Kurt James at the Council, for forwarding to the appropriate departments. Action Judy
  • Also we should as individuals approach bodies that can be of use in saving the building, such as English Heritage, Bristol Civic Society, CHIS, the Architecture Centre. It was too late to include the building in the Doors Open Programme, but we could consider doing so next year.
  • We could get publicity and produce an immediate dramatic news story but wish first to take a measured look at what we as a group want long term for the building and Helen can work with us to do that.
  • Helen intends to run two or three workshops to produce a robust vision of the future use of the building, a suitable name for a joint campaign, the building’s  preservation, community use, compatible commercial and business plans, potential long term sources of income. She will have discussions with the dance community to see if their ideas are viable and with the local community, who deserve to have a strong voice. The City Council will be approached for other options.
  • We wish at least one of these meetings to be held inside the building for the community

assuming a caretaking lease is signed in the next few days  and discussed how to publicise such a meeting. JWC Hub does not have available funds for such things, but can provide some resources, such as limited manpower and our existing free publicity avenues.

*Update: Artspace Lifespace have a 6 month lease to occupy the building until 5 Feb 2017.


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