The Baths will be saved

There is currently in 2021 a holdup in any progress but optimism is best. National crises, notably financial constraints due to Covid and fewer Sports Council and Arts Council Grants have delayed our rescue. Bristol City Council, the owners of the building, have had to dig deep to carry out emergency repairs on the leaking fragile roof. They have cleared plants from stonework and dealt with a major crisis of water overflowing from the historic 80,000 gallon cast iron tanks in the boiler roof space. So the following article is to explain how excited we were in 2017.   Watch this space. Hopefully the links still function for you to find out more .

Fusion Lifestyle were chosen to save The Jacobs Wells Baths!
Statement from Fusion Lifestyle…”Delighted to announce we have been selected as the new partner by Bristol City Council to restore and redevelop Jacob’s Wells Baths – Thanks to PH3 Designs for mocking up this incredible CGI of what the facility could look like post restoration


At the 4th December Bristol City Council Cabinet Meeting the decision was announced by Councillor Asher Craig, that a Community Asset Transfer to the national charity Fusion Lifestyle is recommended.
(see here for a webcast of the meeting). Ten of our members, including three very patient young children, sat through the nearly three hour meeting to hear the result and a statement from us was read out thanking everyone involved in the very fair and democratic process that resulted in the choice of Fusion Lifestyle. They will be offered a 35-year full-repairing lease starting 31st March 2018 and urgent repair works can begin to make the building safe and watertight.We have met with Tim, Anthony and Peter from Fusion on a number of occasions already and are excited about cooperating fully with them in the future. Their multi-million pounds restoration plans offer something for everyone and most excitingly of all include a swimming pool at the site in its original location. This would need to be smaller to fit in all the other activities.

Fusion have already rescued a number of other historic swimming pools and have an excellent track record in this. The most recent pool rescued by them is Newcastle City Pool which reopens next spring, just in time for rescue of our own Victorian baths.

Plans also include a community health and fitness facility, and a range of flexible studio spaces suitable for dance related and group exercise activities. Also a community café is promised, opening onto Jacobs Wells Road, plus an activity space suitable for us and other local groups.

Fusion Lifestyle ploughs all profits from its operations back into the business to provide affordable health and fitness for all.

Jacobs Wells Baths.     Community Asset Transfer Update

In early 2017 the council invited expressions of interest from not for private profit organizations and social enterprises that have the expertise and imaginative proposals to take over the management of this historic central Bristol building.

The deadline was 3 July 2017 and the Selection Panel, including a community representative from Jacobs wells Community Hub, met during July 2017 and again in September to assess the four strong proposals that were received.

We at Jacobs Wells Community Hub were delighted to give the news that our historic swimming  baths and community building will now be saved, repaired and  open to everyone from early to late, 7 days a week  with enough activities happening in it to appeal to all. Something for everyone all ages. It will be a vibrant, inclusive, accessible and we have been reassured, affordable.

Read the article in Bristol 24/7:

Full Details of the Community Asset Transfer Process given in the Council  website at: