23 April Hub Annual Gathering and Celebration


Sally Silverman, Chair



Join us to celebrate our achievements in the last busy year.  Bring something edible to share if you can and we can provide the tea and raffle. This will celebrate two years since our first meeting on 19th April 2015.  Many of you came to that and might want to hear what has happened since!

3-5pm Sunday 23rd April at Jacobs Wells Baths in our lovely hub space. Everyone invited and we would love people to join our small team. Bring your suggestions. We need new skills to go forward, especially new team members with ideas for fundraising, promotions and publicity. Our  room can now  be used at no charge  by the community and anyone willing to run an event in it is especially welcome to share their ideas. Watch our short video where Judy and Heather show you around.


Heather, Hub Secretary

We are looking for a treasurer. This is currently a very small commitment but may grow. (Please contact Judy at  judyjwrhub@gmail.com for details).

Otherwise just come to share what we have already and our hopes for the future, or just to socialise. Always good to have an excuse for that.




Judy, Vice Chair


Our event on 8 April









There will be a minimal formal content to the afternoon..Welcome, brief reports from chair, secretary, financial, election. We aim to get through this quickly to leave a chance to tell everyone what we know of the future of the building we are in and how it can be an asset to our community.


The Hub Space at the Baths