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 One of our most important projects was the Heritage Lottery funded Washing in the Well and we designed an interpretation board using the booklet that was produced. The main feature is the map from the middle pages with illustrations provided by pupils from our local primary, St Georges Brandon Hill. We know how exciting it is for the children, many from Brandon House, to see their work on display in this way. A fitting memorial to our local school which is now closed. The historic research was aided by Pete Insole from Bristol City Council and he and Prof Peter Fleming had input into the wording of the brochure, so we took direct ‘approved” sections that relate to water in Jacobs Wells Road out of the brochure as the contents of our board.

Thank you to Heather who heroically battled against all odds, Covid delays, permission delays, even the fixing of a wrong board in our spot. Thank you to Andrew at Bristol City Council Highways Department for supporting our small group through various hoops in adding the board to the vastly improved layout at the bottom of Jacobs Wells Road near our wonderful new zebra crossing.

Other individuals and groups involved are mentioned on the board. This is a permanent reminder of our Heritage Lottery funded project “Washing in the Well” So many people were involved in producing the images, including local schoolchildren. They will be able to proudly recognise their work. A true community project.

A local resident reads all about the area. The tiny tree in the background will date this scene.