New feature for Jacobs Wells Road

This interpretation board has been approved by Bristol City Council, but THe Coronavirus Lockdown has temporarily stopped its manufacture and fixing by Wards Signs. We hope the delay will not last much longer.

 Our most important recent project was the Heritage Lottery funded Washing in the Well and we have designed an interpretation board using the booklet that was produced. The main feature is the map from the middle pages with illustrations provided by pupils from our local primary, St Georges Brandon Hill. We know how exciting it would be for the children, many from Brandon House, to see their work on display in this way. Equally the historic research was aided by Pete Insole from Bristol City Council and he and Prof Peter Fleming had input into the wording of the brochure, so we are taking direct ‘approved” sections that relate to water in Jacobs Wells Road out of the brochure as the contents of our board.

We  have  asked for a quote from Wards Signs requesting for the sort of board they produced for Whitchurch Airport as it is a simple design and matches our noticeboards. They have given specifications for stove enamelled aluminium , 3” aluminium posts, all vandal resistant of course . The Washing in the Well project involved a few hundred local people including  two local Heritage Primary Schools and included memory sharing sessions for local residents past and current. We feel it would be a popular local feature for both residents and visitors to our area.Send an email to if you wish to comment on the project and site.

2015 Mike Lawlor, our BCC Neighbourhood Partnership Community Officer chats to Audrey, sitting on the bench in Jacobs Wells Road, by the crossing.

Mike Lawlor from Bristol City Council guided us and gave support in so many of our community projects. He is very much missed right now.