Share Your Memories 16 & 27 March

 On Friday 16th March 2-6 and Tuesday 27th March 4-7. Jacobs Wells Baths,
 we shared  local  memories of living in the Jacob’s Wells Road and immediate streets, John Carrs Terrace area, Rosebery Terrace , Bellevue Crescent area, Clifton Wood Road, Constitution Hill, Hill View, Hillside, Gorse Lane,Bellevue area ,.. using the shops there.  Does anyone  remember the old industrial dwellings on Jacob’s Wells Road.  Did anyone or their children go to St Georges School.
Did anyone go to to the baths with Hotwells School and did anyone out there know of someone who used the warm baths, did you use the Dance Centre?  This was for our lottery funded local history project, Washing in the Well  and we  recorded memories. Stories of you or your families before they get lost. The more people sharing stories the better..  Please email for more details. These sound recordings  will be formed into a oral history tape and also lodged at Bristol Archives.