Jacobs Wells Community Hub  Constitution

  1. Name

The name of the Group shall be Jacobs Wells Community Hub.

  1. Aims

The aims of Group will beto Foster community cohesion and to eastablish Local, All Age, Inclusive Community Centres.

  1. Membership

Membership is open to anyone who is over 16 years old and supports the aims of Group.

Ceasing to be a member of  our working groups

Members of any committee established within the group may resign at any time in writing to the secretary.

  1. Acceptable Behaviour

Any offensive behaviour, including racist, sexist or inflammatory remarks, will not be permitted. Anyone behaving in an offensive way or breaking the equal opportunities policy may be asked not to attend further meetings or to resign from the group if an apology is not given or the behaviour is repeated. The individual concerned shall have the right to be heard by the group accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.

  1. Equal Opportunities

The Group will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital status or age.

  1. Officers

The officers’ roles are as follows:

6.1. Convenor/facilitator, who shall chair meetings

6.2. Secretary, who shall be responsible for the taking of minutes and the distribution of all papers

6.3. Treasurer who shall be responsible for maintaining accounts

6.4. Vice Chair who shall assist and deputise for the Chair.

In the event of an officer standing down during the year a replacement will be elected by the next meeting of the Group.

Any member not attending a meeting without apology for three months will be contacted by the secretary and asked if they wish to resign.

The Steering Group meetings will be held on a bi-monthly basis and be open to any member wishing to attend.



  1. Honorary Roles


7.1. We can invite significant people, who support our aims, to become Patrons of our group.

7.2. We can appoint an Emeritus Chairperson who can be called upon to give advice.



  1. Meetings

Open (Public) Meetings are open to all and will be held at least twice a year, or more often if necessary.

Two weeks notice of such a meeting, giving the venue, date, time and agenda, and notice may be by telephone, email or post.

  1. Rules of Procedure for meetings

All questions that arise at any meeting will be discussed openly and the meeting will seek to find general agreement that everyone present can agree to.

If a consensus cannot be reached a vote will be taken and a decision will be made by a simple majority of members present. The quorum will be 3 members.  If the number of votes cast on each side are equal, the chair of the meeting shall have an additional casting vote.

  1. Finances

An account will be maintained on behalf of JWCH at a bank agreed by the Group. Four cheque signatories to be nominated by the Committee (one to be the Treasurer). Any two of these must sign every cheque. The signatories must not be related nor members of the same household.

Records of income and expenditure will be maintained by the Treasurer and ideally a financial statement given to each meeting.

All money raised by or on behalf of the Group is only to be used to further the aims of the Group, as specified in item 2 of this constitution.

  1. Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments to the constitution may only be made at meetings of the Group.

Any proposal to amend the constitution must be given to the Secretary in writing. The proposal must then be circulated with the notice of meeting.

Any proposal to amend the constitution will require a two thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote.

Date ……19…/…04………/……2015……….

Revised  16/10/2018

Reviewed at AGM 21 October 2018.