Jacobs Wells Community Hub Vision


A group of us living in and around Jacobs Wells Road have been involved in neighbourhood events for several years.

  • Neighbours have met at Dance Centre Cafe to learn more + celebrate the rich history of where we live.
  • Neighbourhood spring brunch picnics on old bowling green Brandon Hill
  • Street parties on John Carrs Terrace, Christmas Street -Meet etc.
  • Before that there were spring treasure hunts on Brandon Hill and “Watch” nature groups for young children.

The time has now come for our community to have its own place to meet up in the same way that at least 37 other communities are able to around Bristol.



  • To empower ourselves and our local community and enable change.
  • Enhance well-being and tackle social isolation.
  • To establish a local, affordable, Inclusive Community Centre and similar flexible Community Spaces.

We exchange ideas and collaborate with other local community groups and take an active part in Neighbourhood Partnerships.

This Community hub has no political or religious affiliation.

The space would be local, inclusive, vibrant and capable of accommodating activities for a range of interest groups. It would include all ages and include temporary as well as long term residents.

  • A place for local clubs
  • A place for Skills Swap
  • A place for meeting friends + making new
  • A place for breaking down barriers in the community
  • A place for learning – workshops
  • A Citizens Advice Point
  • A place for fun – Community Celebrations and Traditions
  • “A place where you feel you can just walk in”
  • A place that passes on + re-tells local + family History
  • A “what’s on” and “What do you want to go on” Hub
  • Chance to meet people you meet on Streetlife Site face to face
  • A creative space where music, music making, dance, poetry, art, craft can be experienced, shared and performed
  • A place for baby groups and other children’s activities.
  • A flexible space which would be open to change.


Written April 2015 and updated July 2016