Friends of Jacobs Wells Baths


At the end of our meeting on 19th 2017 we invited anyone, especially those offering skills and experience, who would like to be part of a steering group to leave their name and contact details. This steering group would commit to meet once a month for 6 months to help move the process forward per the recommendations in Helen’s report. A good number of people responded but we are aware that there are probably others of you who didn’t know about or couldn’t get to the meeting on the 19th January  and would like to be involved. If you are such a person or know of someone who would like to be involved in this way, please contact Sally, Judy and Heather at

The meetings were chaired by Cllr Jerome Thomas on a Thursday from 6.30 to 8.30pm at the Baths on the following dates:

Feb 16th – venue: private residence – read the minutes

March 23rd – read the minutes

May 11th – read the minutes

July 6th


Please make sure you sign up to our Friends of Jacobs Wells Baths email list here so we can keep you up to date with what’s happening.

And if you are on Facebook, please join our new Friends of Jacobs Wells Facebook Group and share your ideas.

Terms of Reference


Jacobs Wells Baths building is currently managed by Art Space Life Space (ASLS) under a licence to occupy which runs until September 2017.  Bristol City Council (BCC) own the building.  BCC will be offering the building to a third sector organisation on a “Community Asset Transfer” involving a long lease (likely to be around 30 years).  By April 2017 documentation will be published with a period of a 3 months set aside during which bidders will be able to work up and put forward their proposals for leasing the building.  A panel made up of the local authority and local stakeholders will meet to assess applications.

Purpose of the Friends of Jacobs Wells Baths

The purpose of the Friends of Jacobs Wells Baths meetings is to provide a forum through which the different stakeholders who have an interest in the Baths can come together.  In order to carry out this purpose the Friends group will:

  • Hold regular meetings to provide an opportunity for people to hear first-hand about the plans for the long-term future of the building as they are progressed
  • Liaise with Bristol City Council and make all information regarding the future of the building available through the Friends meeting, Jacobs Wells Community Hub website and newsletter and Friends Facebook group

Who might be interested in attending the Friends meetings?

  • Local residents
  • Local groups
  • Individuals interested in dance and performing arts
  • Groups and organisations involved in dance and performing arts
  • Individuals and groups interested in history and heritage
  • Professionals
  • Potential bidders
  • Other partners

Frequency of meeting


Minutes and reporting

A person will be nominated record keeper with minutes available on the Jacobs Wells Community Hub website and Friends Facebook page.


It was mentioned in our recent meeting that not enough people know about the Baths and our mission to save them and create a fabulous, multipurpose centre for the community. Please help us get the word out by doing some (or all!) of the following:

  • Forward this newsletter to anyone you think might be interested – you can use the Forward icon at the bottom if sending to just one person or share our mailing list signup link
  • Raise awareness about the Baths and their future by sharing our info page
  • Share our posters (once they’re made!)
  • Talk to people