AGM Minutes 17Ap 2016

Jacobs Wells Community Hub

Annual General Meeting

Sunday 17 April 2016

Salt Cafe



PRESENT:   Chris Milman, Claire C, Heather W, Gus S, Sally S, Laetitia T, Judy G, Ted Fowler.

APOLOGIES:           Gillie B, Jerome Thomas, Charles Lucas, Jed S, Ani Stafford-Townsend, Anna H.


Welcome and Introductions

Our Open Space (Pop-up Community Centre) event on Friday 15th April 2016 went very well.  Many people attended.  At least Seventy people came to the event, nine of whom signed up as members.  Thirty Two people were new the group and had not attended before.


Minutes of the Last Meeting:

Sally read through the minutes of the last meeting (19th April 2015) highlighting points of interest.  Fifteen people attended that meeting at Holy Trinity Church (Hotwells) following our first public meeting.  That meeting was supported by Gareth and Kay Hoskins, Gus Silverman and Becca .  We would like to thank them all for their valued support.


Our next meeting was at the Dance Centre.  Thank you to Alan Roberts for his support.

We talked about a Local History event that had happened at the Dance Centre.


Thank you to Steve Kavanagh for letting the group use 33 Jacobs Wells Road on several occasions in 2015.


St Peter’s House was host to a visit by Mayor (George Ferguson).  Suze read out her heartfelt letter to the Mayor at that meeting.


Our first grant from the council (Neighbourhood Partnership Well-being Fund) was £1700 for start-up and taster sessions.  The Tai Chi taster sessions have sparked off a desire for more classes.  We used the Dance Centre for several Stretch and Relax taster sessions.  Thank you again to Alan Roberts for his support.


The Street Party in September 2015 attracted a manageable number of people.  Local Traders worked together to make the day a success.  Thank you to Anna Wilson for completing some forms on our behalf.


We have used local Open Spaces as much as possible.  The Bat Walk was led by Joe McSorley (Avon Wildlife Trust).  We now have a regular Singing Group on Brandon Hill.


We received £2500 funding for noticeboards, again the money came from the council (Neighbourhood Partnership Well-being Fund).


IDEA: Ask John Parke (and others) to do a History session, ideally starting in Brandon House when the meeting room is ready to use.  This needs to be informal and conversational; enabling people to bring their story to the group.


We have been successful with a Bristol Ageing Better (BAB) Grant.  Jenny Ford will be starting to run some Craft Hub events for us.  Karen will be running more Tai Chi classes (ideally in the Harbourside Pavilion).


Socially many people use a popular pub chain to meet because the prices are low.  Local pubs and cafes cannot afford to keep prices this low.  This demonstrates the need for a local Community Centre offering low cost refreshments.


Attendance at the AGM demonstrates the resources we have.  Whilst attendance is disappointing we are mindful that our recent Pop-up Community Event attracted larger numbers than expected.



At a recent Neighbourhood Partnership meeting, we asked the Head of Property Services several questions about our use of the Harbourside Pavilion.  We are not sure of the outcome.  We have not seen the minutes of the meeting.  Action: email Kurt James to ask him the progress and for a copy of the minutes of that meeting.  (Prospective councillors present were able to clarify what was discussed at that meeting).


There is a movement to get a programme of local events together.  Robin Williams is keen to see a playground in the Harbourside area.  Jacobs Wells Community Hub supports this idea.  The Harbourside flats are unsuitable for children. A playground is much needed.  Laetitia said that families were moving out of Jacobs Wells Road and building are being sub-divided into bed-sits suitable for students.


There needs to be a sub-group for each area.  A ‘Friends of the Harbourside Pavilion‘ is needed.  Ted F gave input.

  • What is the value to the community? – discount this against commercial use.
  • How do we maximize community use
  • What is our role?
  • Ask ‘When did the Pavilion become a Property Services Building?
  • Ask George Ferguson the question.
  • Ideally take the building under the wing of Neighbourhood Partnerships.
  • We need to start using the building on a nursery basis.
  • We need a consortium of users to fit the situation.
  • There has been evidence of a decade of misuse.
  • Seek advice from the Law Centre (Moon Street – Stokes Croft).
  • Be ready to take it over.
  • Have a Business Plan ready.



  • The lease not being renewed by the council.
  • Jerome Thomas is talking to Alan Roberts
  • We need to know ‘What the local community think’.
  • Viewing 18.30 Tuesday 19th April 2016.
  • Sally mentioned our encouraging meeting with Alan Roberts and the Architect (PH3).
  • The building is not for sale.
  • Leeway for the Community Right to Bid.
  • This future Community Asset is right on our doorstep.
  • The electrics are in good order.
  • The brickwork is in a good condition.
  • We need to establish a ‘Friends of Jacobs Wells Dance Centre’.
  • There will need a restaurant to set-up in the building.
  • We are a small player.
  • We tick all the boxes for ‘community’
  • The community need this resource.
  • We are demonstrating the need to community in this area.
  • We should be the end user.
  • We are too small to take it over financially.
  • We need to be ready to take on a lead role.



We have been supported by:

  • Hotwells and Cliftonwood Residents’ Association.
  • Queens Parade Residents’ Association – work with in the future
  • Avon Wildlife Trust
  • Friends of Brandon Hill
  • Neighbourhood Partnership Team
  • Local Councillors and Prospective Councillors



  • The arts world makes big money
  • That should be our strength.
  • Everyone has to climb higher to use the Dance Centre.
  • We are raising awareness of the building and potential use.


  • People do not know if it is open or closed.
  • The windows need to be cleaned.
  • Possibly use the ‘I’m staying’ sign – that would be a big statement.



  • Thank you to Jacqui P for preparing our accounts.
  • We need to allow more time next year; more time between the end of the financial year and the AGM.
  • We had a predicted turnover of £5000.
  • Thank you to Brenda for her support as financial caretaker.
  • We have followed the Charity Commission rules and guidelines.  These set out firm controls.
  • Judy G and Jacqui P will be meeting to finalise the paperwork.



  • We have a large number of ‘inactive’ supporters.
  • We have a smaller group of people signed up as active members
  • Anyone over 16 can be a member.
  • *8/9 people signed up on Friday at the Pop-up Event

Thank you to everyone who attended the Pop-up Community Centre.  You all helped to make it a great success.



We delivered about 5000 fliers in the local area.

Fergus delivered to 63 flats – one family came as a result.

Judy approached people in the Harbourside (Cathedral Square area) – as a result four families came along.  Heather delivered to 48 flats – one family were interested, but could not join us on the day.  Word of mouth is by far the best advertising tool.


Allow one month between the end of the financial year and the AGM

Our financial controls are our great strength.  As is Judy’s ability to take on the responsibility of Acting Treasurer.

We need to support Jacqui P to help us effectively in future.

Laetitia is willing to host a meal to thank people and to celebrate our achievements.  Give Laetitia a couple of dates that JP, HW, JG, and SS can do.



JP’s strength is that she is willing to try – what an amazing achievement – that is to her credit.

We specialise in events that have no costs attached

Remainder of £1700 grant to use by end of June 2016

£257 of the grant for noticeboards is to use by October 2016.

We have to fundraise – we need to establish a reserve of money.

£160 from Waitrose (Community Matters) – this is an unrestricted fund.

Restricted and Kickstart funds

Nobody has stepped forward to help fundraise

Music event (end of June 2016)

Encourage people to do small things

One big event – a raffle using local shops




Laetitia proposed the current officers: Sally Silverman, Judy Goldsmith and Heather Watts.

Chris Milman seconded the proposal.