AGM minutes 23 April

Jacobs Wells Community Hub

Annual General Meeting

Sunday 23 April 2017


Jacobs Wells Baths

Present:        John Crinion, Gill Johnson, Sarah Morris, Judy Goldsmith, Phil Miles ,Heather Watts, Sally Silverman, Francis Harvey, Vivienne Hunt, Brian Meek, Kristin Payne, Sidika Petterson, Chris Milman, Lucy Mackilligin Gillie Bolt, Helen Lambert.

Apologies:    Helen Bone, Maxine Stait, Omega Brown, Sherrie Eugene, Maggie Weber, Laetitia Tavener.

Introductions and Welcome:  We all introduced ourselves to the group.  Sally thanked specific people who have done tasks in the Hub Space recently.  Sally and Vivien also mentioned a recent meeting with Bristol Ageing Better (BAB). The Craft Hub had been nominated for a grant of up to £5.000 and BAB wanted to ask specific questions following the application.

Minutes of the Last Meeting:  We agreed that the minutes presented were an accurate record of our last meeting.

Treasurers Report:  Judy Goldsmith went through her report and several people asked questions.  The Accounts are presented as part of this report at the end of the document.  These are draft accounts as we are waiting for Bristol Ageing Better to provide figures for the two grants they gave us.

  • Do we have a Bank Account? (Yes) – Sarah M complimented the work done to date with minimum funds and appropriate grants.
  • John C highlighted the events that are free or low-cost to run.
  • Sally touched on the support of Mike Lawlor and the Bristol City Council (BCC) funding that we applied for with his support.
  • Judy G explained how Jan Gerrard processes the outgoing figures on our behalf.
  • Are we planning to become a Charity? We need six Trustees to do this.
  • Does any grant money cover ongoing current events? “The Jacobs Well-Come” Walking Map has been funded by Bristol City Council Well-Being Fund.  The first meeting is on Wednesday 26 April 2017 (at the Baths – 18.15 start).
  • As the Neighbourhood Partnerships structure comes to an end getting grants from the council is less likely in the future.
  • How is Tai Chi funded? This was started using Kickstart funding.  It is continuing on a self-funding basis.
  • Is this viable? Using a pot of money set up for the session we can continue to cover the hire of a room, facilitator and additional VAT charges until the end of the summer term.
  • Continuation of Tai Chi will be reviewed after the summer term.
  • Charitable status would mean we are exempt from VAT. We would also have a higher profile.  Fund-raising would be easier for a charity.
  • It was highlighted that we have use of the Hub Space free of charge from ArtSpace Lifespace (ASLS). They have issued us with a contract.  ASLS have also applied for a grant to update the Hub Space and the adjacent kitchen.


Chairs Report:  Sally mentioned last year’s timeline that was drawn as a cartoon by Jed Stone.  This year Sally has displayed a visual timeline on our noticeboard in the Hub Space.  Sally stressed that to see how we have moved forward we need to look again at our aims and the wishes presented at our first open Meeting in April 2015.  We also need to consider our Constitution.

  • We were set up primarily to establish a local inclusive Community Centre.
  • Two significant spaces are now available for us to use:
    • Harbourside Pavilion, 1 Hanover Quay, BS1 5JE
    • Hub Space, Jacobs Wells Baths, Jacobs Wells Road, BS8 1DX
  • We need to keep celebrating and building on the trust that has been established.
  • We need to ensure that the Urban Village Hall and can continue to be used at a low cost.
    • Sarah M stressed that it is outrageous that we have to pay to use the room.
  • We have sole use of the Hub Space within Jacobs Wells Baths.
    • The electrics are now safe to use;
    • A Children’s Chess Club runs once a week;
    • We have four key holders – all live locally;
    • The Craft and Clay Hub have moved from Lower Clifton Hill to the Baths;
    • A local music group have asked if they could practice here; and may do so at another time.


  • More groups are welcome to use the Hub Space as long as events are open to the community and a key holder is present;


  • We are important Stakeholders within the Community Asset Transfer (CAT) on the building.
    • Chris M stressed that we do not have the capacity to take on the building ourselves.
    • The best option is to have another organisation as manager.
    • The Jacobs Wells Community Hub (JWC Hub) will give some input into the CAT process.
    • 3rd May 2017 – Technical Meeting at the Baths – this is for potential bidders.
    • Technical Experts will be present and bidders can consult with Helen Bone (Vivid Regeneration)
    • Who is coordinating the CAT? The council are, although Judy has put all the important documents (and links) in one place on our website.
    • The deadline is August 2017.
  • A meeting with Helen Bone prompted us to put out a statement about our interest in the building. It explained where we stand.
    • Sarah M stressed that we need to know the impact any future plans might have.
    • A “bursary” was mentioned – a gesture of good will from the council to deal with essential repairs of the building.
    • Helen L stressed that we need to be named as a Key Stakeholder.


  • Sarah M stressed that a building is sometimes a barrier to creating community.
  • This highlighted the Community Discovery Walk on Saturday 6th May 2017. This is being put on by Friends of Harbourside Reed Bed in partnership with JWC Hub.
  • This also highlighted that every community deserves a Community Space and to run events that are really low cost to the community members.
  • We recognised our connections with Avon Quay House. We support them and believe that we are far enough apart not to be a threat to them.
  • We recognise the strength of working with local Traders. John S (Dreadnought Books) is helping with our Walking Map.  We meet at 18.15 on Wednesday 26 April 2017 (at Baths).  The map will highlight the traders at the bottom of Jacobs Wells Road.
  • Another useful connection is with Bristol Ferry Boats. The Community Outreach Worker Jazlyn Pinckney has made contact, and is keen to collaborate on certain Intergenerational projects. This may involve use of the Hub Space.
  • Sally mentioned the Open Consultation Days at Jacobs Wells Baths.
  • She stressed the support given to us by Helen Bone (Vivid Regeneration).
  • This leads to our links with Local Learning (Lori Streich and Ruth Myers).
    • Ruth and Lori will lead on a local history project during the period when we may not have access to the Baths. This will help to keep local interest alive.


  • Phil Miles is interested to use the Hub Space for a Space Club – operating on the lines of ones that take place in Russian “Places of Culture”. We should also mention the Pavilion to Phil.  Action Judy.
  • Sidika P questioned the length of ASLS’s current license to use the building. It runs until September 2017.


  • Sally explained that the Friends of Jacobs Wells Baths is a quite separate entity. It was set up to support the council through the CAT process.  Members are people with a local interest and those with technical knowledge and expertise.  It is a working group.
  • The next “Friend’s” meeting is on 11th May 2017 in the Baths.


Election of Officers for the Committee:

  • We need a Treasurer urgently. We can co-opt someone in the next few weeks.  Please think about the people you know.  Do you know someone who could take on the role?  Consider local accountants and the college.  Judy will be able to support and guide our new Honorary Treasurer.  Judy is still happy to take money to the bank.  We just need someone who can understand and interpret our accounts that are done to Charity Commission standards.  Add this urgent need to our next Newsletter.
  • Chair: Sally Silverman (proposed by Chris M, seconded by Helen L).
  • Secretary: Heather is happy to stand again.
  • Judy: is happy to continue as Vice Chair, Membership Secretary, and Archivist.
  • The people present were happy to vote these three people onto the Committee of Jacobs Wells Community Hub.
  • We need to widen our committee:
  • It was proposed that we elect Sidika Petterson as our Senior Promotions Officer to oversee publicity and social media. Sidika is happy to advise us and to give a small amount of time.  (Sally proposed – Heather seconded).
  • Those present were happy with this proposal.
  • Sidika asked more people to share posts on social media about the Hub, Baths etc.
  • We are keen to include other people as Committee Members with no specified role. We will be contacting several people directly to see if they would consider supporting the group in this way.
  • Fundraiser: Several people have indicated that they are willing to help doing some research into potential grants.  We would like harness their skills and thus asked Helen L whether she would be able to help.  She is able to help with researching fundraising opportunities.  We have had a similar offer of help with research from Vivian Latino-Olajide. We still need help with completing funding applications.


Our committee meets monthly (at the Baths) and the next meeting is planned for Monday 15 May 2017 (18.30).  This may need to be brought forward to Monday 8th May 2017 – so please double check with us before that date.


  • Other Events:
    • John C mentioned the Scour of the Floating Harbour that happens every two weeks.
    • John has spoken to our local Bat expert. The best time to go on a Bat Walk is August or September.
    • Our “Petit Café” takes place every two weeks at the Baths. The next one is on Friday 28th April 2017.
  • Weekly Tai Chi and “Wake up & Get Lively” Dance start again April 27th
  • Dance 9.00-10.00 with Omega Brown
  • Tai Chi – 10.30-11.30 with Karen Ferris
  • full details on



Time now available to network and buy raffle tickets.

Many thanks to those who came to our Annual General Meeting.


  • Chairs Report for Annual General Meeting

Jacobs Wells Community Hub

At Hub Space : Jacobs Wells Baths

April 23rd 2017


Highlights  April 2016- April 2017:


A great deal to celebrate.

The main aim of the JWC Hub is for a local, inclusive Community Centre.

At the moment we have access to The “Urban Village Hall” the Pavilion (Community Rates).

Also to The Jacobs Wells Baths

At the moment (In the Jacobs Wells Baths) the Hub has sole use of the old Café  Space, tea making area and Storage at least until September.

The 3 members of the Steering Group and Hub Neighbour, John Crinion are all key holders.

Chess Club: We are thrilled to have been able to say “Yes”, when neighbour Caroline Dixon asked if the Children’s Chess Club could meet in the Baths / Hub space.

They are meeting on a wkly basis (term times).

Weekly Craft Hub: Now we have the space we can meet weekly.

Craft Hub has been nominated for a £5.000 grant. Still waiting final decision.

Open Days / Consultation: There were 3 successful days  to get views on future possibilities for The Baths. The Hub played a huge part in getting these together.
Particular thanks goes to Laetitita Tavener for putting together excellent display boards and to Judy and Steven Goldsmith for the outstanding day on Heritage of the Building.
Petit Café: John Crinion is arranging fortnightly informal get togethers to chat in French in Hub Space


Meeting Space: It is excellent to have the space for small and larger meetings (e.f. Friends of Jacobs Baths).


Used on weekly basis by the Hub.

Tai Chi with Karen Ferris is now self-funding (due to Judy’s careful housekeeping !)

Dance with Omega – “Wake up & Get Lively” has great potential and will be advertised more widely. We are waiting to hear from Bristol Ageing Better about Dance application for more sessions.



Reflection on the year –


It has been a very busy year and quite demanding for the Steering Group.

Judy has given so much time and energy to all of her roles and now has resigned as Acting Treasurer.

We would like to formally thank Judy for all that she has done to keep us afloat over the year.

Judy will continue as Vice Chair as well as the other roles which she has taken on.  (We anticipate these will be increasingly shared as the Hub Committee expands).

Our challenge now is to find another treasurer and we need help from everyone concerned with the future of the Hub to make sure that this happens asap.

Lastly I would like to thank everyone who has come along to events , who have shared ideas and given encouragement.

We do not know where we will be in April 2018 but the virtual building bricks for our Community are coming together. We need to stick to our aims and values and also need to take good care of each other.

“Building community moves at the speed of trust”
(Stephen R Covey “the speed of trust”)


April 2017. Sally Silverman. Chair JWC Hub.



Treasures Report for the Financial Year to 31st March 2017

Jacobs Wells Community Hub

AGM 23rd April 2016


Please refer to the draft accounts produced over the Easter weekend and continued this week by Jan Gerrard of Gerrard Financial Consulting, who has helped us for free since November 2016, even absorbing software costs of £22 per month.  Brenda MacLennan produced our previous charity accounts in October 2016 before moving to Cornwall and used figures provided by myself and Jacqui Phoenix, our volunteer bookkeeper, who resigned due to work commitments.


The figures are draft because Bristol Ageing Better are not yet able to provide figures for the two grants they gave us. We are aware that those grants are spent up. The draft accounts form part of this report.


Jen has kindly offered to continue processing figures she is passed by us, but is due to go on maternity leave and we are hugely indebted to her commitment to help us while we are starting out and until we find someone who would like to bring our bookkeeping back in house.


I am handing in my resignation today as Temporary Acting Treasurer, but would like to reassure anyone willing to stand as Treasurer that we currently  have backup as described, have financial controls in place  and everything is up to date. I am happy to help pass over my current knowledge, such as it is.


Figures to concentrate on are “unrestricted funds”, which have to absorb running costs and are totally reliant on fundraising and donations. I am not going to quote figures in this report as the accounts are still very much in draft form. However bank balances will not be affected by the Bristol Ageing Better figures, as we do not handle the actual grant cash.


Judy Goldsmith   Acting Treasurer Update: Final accounts :jwch-16-17-printeableincome-and-expenditure-by-fund

Draft Accounts:

Jacobs Wells Community Hub
Income and expenditure by fund
April 2016 – March 2017
Restricted funds
Bristol Ageing Better – Craft Hub Bristol Ageing Better – Tai Chi Neighbourhood map Neighbourhood partnership Noticeboard/ info ex grant Set-up grant Total Restricted funds Designated fund – Tai Chi Unrestricted funds TOTAL FUNDS
   Donations and voluntary income 0.00 651.22 651.22
   Fundraising income 0.00 137.00 137.00
   Grants – restricted 830.00 5,000.00 5,830.00 5,830.00
   Income from classes 0.00 1,054.45 1,054.45
Total Income £0.00 £0.00 £830.00 £5,000.00 £0.00 £0.00 £5,830.00 £1,054.45 £788.22 £7,672.67
Cost of Sales
   Direct costs – craft supplies 18.05 18.05 18.05
   Direct costs – feasibility study 5,000.00 5,000.00 5,000.00
   Direct costs – other project costs 7.98 7.98 7.98
   Direct costs – tutor fees 140.00 140.00 280.00 35.00 315.00
   DIrect costs – venue for courses 380.00 430.40 810.40 810.40
Total Cost of Sales £398.05 £570.40 £0.00 £5,000.00 £7.98 £140.00 £6,116.43 £0.00 £35.00 £6,151.43
Total -£398.05 -£570.40 £830.00 £0.00 -£7.98 -£140.00 -£286.43 £1,054.45 £753.22 £1,521.24
   Car hire 0.00 34.56 34.56
   Dues and Subscriptions 27.10 27.10 20.00 47.10
   Insurances 244.00 244.00 244.00
   Office/General Administrative Expenses 29.99 29.99 18.00 47.99
   Phone Costs 0.00 46.72 46.72
   Printing, Postage and Stationery 3.70 124.96 26.55 155.21 145.96 301.17
   Promotion and advertising 140.00 575.00 715.00 147.80 862.80
   Repairs and maintenance 0.00 44.45 44.45
   Website costs 19.96 19.96 53.90 73.86
Total Expenditures £30.80 £384.00 £0.00 £0.00 £699.96 £76.50 £1,191.26 £0.00 £511.39 £1,702.65
Net Operating Income -£428.85 -£954.40 £830.00 £0.00 -£707.94 -£216.50 -£1,477.69 £1,054.45 £241.83 -£181.41
Other Income
   Restricted funds b/f 1 April 692.12 2,000.00 707.00 142.00 3,541.12 3,541.12
   Unrestricted funds b/f 1 April 0.00 2,298.00 2,298.00
Total Other Income £692.12 £2,000.00 £0.00 £0.00 £707.00 £142.00 £3,541.12 £0.00 £2,298.00 £5,839.12
Other Expenditures
   Transfers between funds -0.94 -74.50 -75.44 75.44 0.00
Total Other Expenditures £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 -£0.94 -£74.50 -£75.44 £0.00 £75.44 £0.00
Net Other Income £692.12 £2,000.00 £0.00 £0.00 £707.94 £216.50 £3,616.56 £0.00 £2,222.56 £5,839.12
Net Income/(Expenditure) £263.27 £1,045.60 £830.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £2,138.87 £1,054.45 £2,464.39 £5,657.71
** **
** To be updated/ confirmed by BAB – records only provided to Nov 2016