Minutes from 2nd September 2015

Jacobs Wells Community Hub

Hub Meeting – Number 6

Venue: St Peter’s House

Date: 2nd September 2015

Time: 19.30 – 21.30


Present:         Audrey, Frances, Heather, Judy, Laetitia, Lydia, Sally, Suze.

Apologies:     John, Omega, Gillie, Sue

Guests:          Jerome Thomas, Councillor, Green Party


  • We welcomed Lydia (a local resident) and Jerome Thomas (local councillor).

Working towards a Community Centre

  • We are a grass roots organisation and we
  • We are working towards a local Community Centre.
  • We need to actively find more supporters with specific talents to help us reach our goal.

Thanking supporters

  • Thanks to Jenny Ford for the fabrics.
  • Thanks to Anna Wilson for the art and craft materials.

Things we celebrate

  • Singing on Brandon Hill
  • Future History Talks
  • Meeting room being put to good use (Quiz Nights, Coffee Mornings, Talks)
  • I made it here today
  • I have met fantastic people (including some very enthusiastic traders)
  • Looking forward to the Street Party
  • Audrey shared images of Jacobs Wells Road (Brandon House)
  • Celebrating selection of teachers at son’s new school
  • We are here
  • We got this far

Response to letter from George Fergusson

  • We have started addressing the actions George put forward in his letter to us.


Request for Jerome’s support

  • The room under Brandon House to be given back to residents to use as a meeting room.

Jerome’s feedback about his role

  • Representing people
  • Listening to people
  • Making sure people’s views are heard

Issues arising from our discussion

  • We wondered whether the community could benefit from the rent of the Pavilions to Corporate Users.

Use of Dance Centre

  • We plan to ask the Dance Centre if we can block book a Studio.

Safer Crossing on Jacobs Wells Road

  • Mike Lawlor will call a meeting in the pub about a Safer Crossing.

Street Party – Sunday 6th September 2015

  • Sue Hicks is helping Judy on the membership stall at the Street Party.

Working with our Strengths

  • We need to consolidate – take care of each other – ask for the help we need

Advertising with Voscur

  • We have asked Voscur to advertise the role of Marketing and Public Relations.

Other help that has been offered

  • Caroline (Clifton Printing) will do posters for us free of charge.
  • Students – part of or community – we need to encourage them to swop unwanted items.

Events (Coffee Mornings / Governance)

  • Quiz Nights will be fortnightly – mostly on Wednesdays
  • History Talk – John Parke – Wednesday 9th September 2015 – 19.30-21.00
  • Owl Watch – 30th September 2015 – 18.30 – Avon Wildlife Trust (up the steps below the Hope and Anchor).

Future Events

  • The room we use needs to be fit for purpose.
  • We could use the meeting room for some of Jenny’s craft workshops.


  • Sally emphasised that fundraising is a challenge.
  • We need someone to help us with our funding applications.
  • Please tell us your ideas for fundraising for the Community Hub.



  • Sally summarised our financial status whilst we wait for our Bank Account to be opened.

Local Issues – Sub-group

  • We need to establish a Sub-group to deal with local issues. Action for next meeting.

Marketing and Publicity

  • Our website will be live by 6th September 2015

Street Party – Sunday 6th September 2015

  • Thanks to all our helpers (including Francis, Suze, Audrey, Sue) who have promised to come to the Street Party.


Date of next meeting: Monday 2nd November 2015 (19.30-21.00) St Peter’s House