Minutes from Monday 10 August 2015

Minutes from Meeting N.6 on Monday 10 August 2015

At: St Peter’s House (Meeting Room)

Time: 7.30pm to 9pm

Present: Sally, Suze, Audrey, Judy, Heather, Francis, Anna, John P

Apologies: Gillie, Omega


We welcomed Anna Wilson who came to talk about the Neighbourhood Arts Project , Green Capital – “Sharing Communities”.

Minutes of Last Meeting: No points arising.

Success since our last meeting: Judy is now Membership Secretary and Vice-Chair. Many thanks Judy. We started preparing things for the Street Party on 6 September. We have first quiz night arranged + Singing session.


Our grant from the Well-Being Fund should be in HCCA account by 13 Aug for safekeeping until our Co-op account open. Thanks to Brenda their treasurer for agreeing to do this.

We now have insurance cover.  Setting up the bank account may take up to 2 months.


  • Quiz Night (Tonight, Wednesday 12 August 19.30 start – St Peter’s House).  Sixty great questions prepared by Suze.
  • Singing on Brandon Hill (Monday 17 August – 18.00 start – meet at the old Bowling Green).  This is a fun event – it does not matter if you think you can’t sing.

Green Capital Neighbourhood Arts Project for Cabot, Clifton East, Clifton.

  • Anna gave us a short presentation on laptop, about the project so far. Judy asked if Anna had any ideas and suggestions to give us for the Street Party.   Suze asked if she was able to help us refurbish the meeting room at St Peter’s House. We asked about ideas for recyclables for percussion instruments. Anna was happy to help and asked for our Wish List for the Street Party, also said there could be help with loan of items such as projectors as needed. (That we should ask.)
  • We asked people attending the meeting for the first time for some feedback. Francis was very positive, especially about Street Party and said he hoped it would be an annual event
  • We need to check that St George’s Road is on the list of Street Closures for 6 September 2015 (contact Traders).

Ideas for future speakers:

  • Ask Fraser Bridgeford to come + share info about the Tree Trail on Brandon Hill. Then do the trail in the autumn
  • Visit Jenny Ford’s amazing shop next to the Eldon Pub Clifton Hill.

“Clifton Textiles”. Jenny is letting us have some beautiful pieces of material for “Go with the Flow” on 6 September.

Planning for the Street Party (Sunday 6 September 2015 11am to 4pm):

  • Membership table , Local history ,Baby friendly area (not a crèche), activities for young children, chalking etc.  Bristol+ South Glos Girl Guides are bringing 2 mini Shaun the Sheeps!

This event is a great opportunity to promote JWC Hub and our aims for a local community centre. We need support and help to make this a success.

More info about Sept 6 to follow asap but for now please email back to let us know) if you can be there (bring family + friends), 2) if you can help in any way, setting up, clearing up. It should be a great day.