Minutes Hub Meeting 11 Jan 2016

Jacobs Wells Community Hub

Hub Meeting: number 8

Venue: St Peter’s House

Date: 11th January 2016

Time: 19.15-21.00

Present:           Sally, Heather, Judy, Francis, Chrysanthi, Audrey, John, Fergus, Steve, Sam,

Charles Lucas, Chris Millman, Ted Fowler, Jerome Thomas.

Apologies:       Omega, Mike Lawlor, Mark Wright.

Welcome and Introductions:

We welcomed Charles Lucas (Conservative Councillor), Jerome Thomas (Green Councillor), and Ted Fowler (Labour), and Chris Millman (Green) who are both standing for election in May 2016.

We also welcomed Chrysanthi who will be volunteering with us.

Specific Focus of Meeting:

  • Dance Centre – current status
  • Harbourside Pavilion (Hannover Quay)
  • Open Meeting and Annual General Meeting (15th April 2016)
  • Walking Festival – May 2016 – our walk will focus on Jacobs Wells Road.

Dance Centre:

  • We should register the building as a Community Asset. Action ***

The Dance Centre is a great loss.  Locals can see that the building is in a poor state of repair.  It is a grade two listed building.  People are concerned about its future.

  • Feasibility Study – Action Jerome
    • Jerome will prepare the headings so that we can ask the right questions.
    • Dance Centre is a building of regional and international significance.
    • We need to engage the wider community especially arts students and practitioners.
    • Speak to John Bos
    • Flag current status of the Dance Centre at the Neighbourhood Partnership meeting on 18th January 2016. Students and Artists live in the area.

Harbourside Pavilion:

  • We are preparing a public statement for the next Neighbourhood Partnership Forum on 28th January 2016. Action Judy. 
  • Community Census – Action All

Potential Community Space under St Peter’s House and Brandon House:

  • Charles Lucas can support residents to use community rooms under their flats.
  • This does need the support of the residents within each block.

Update on our achievements and our needs:

  • We acknowledge the support of Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association.
  • We thank residents’ of St Peter’s House for their continued support.
  • We still need a Treasurer to take over from Judy who is our Acting Treasurer.
  • We desperately need the noticeboards to communicate events to a wider audience.
  • We need funding for a Walking Map – similar to the one done in Bedminster.

Other events we could support:

  • We could support the local traders at another Street Party.
  • Given funding we could produce a 2017 calendar.
  • We could do another Bat Walk.
  • Possibility of a Barbecue.

Finance and Funding-raising:

  • Good news! We have now a bank account with the Cooperative Bank.
  • We have about £750 left from our grant for Start Up and Taster Sessions.
  • £2500 still to be spent on noticeboards. Action ***
  • We need to do some fund-raising (target £30 per month) – do you have any good ideas?

Future Events:

  • Back Yard event – 3 Jacobs Wells Road – Sunday 17th January 2016 (17.00-19.00).
  • Open Meeting and Annual General Meeting – 15th April 2016.
  • Walking Festival – May 2016.


Regular Events:

  • Singing on Brandon Hill – Saturday 30th January 2016 (10.00-11.00). We meet on the former bowling green. Bring a song to share.  We should be there whatever the weather!!!
  • Tai Chi at St Peter’s House, Jacobs Wells Road, BS8 1DZ – 28th January, 18th February, 10th March and 31st March 2016 (14.15-15.15) – there is no need to book.


Hub Contact details:

Website: jacobswellscommunityhub.com

Facebook: Jacobs Wells Community Hub

Email: jwrhub@gmail.com

Twitter: @CommunityJw

Telephone: 07804649152

***Date of our next Hub meeting:  Monday 29th February 2016 ***