Minutes of meeting 2nd Oct

Jacobs Wells Community Hub

Steering Group – Committee Meeting

Monday 2nd October 2017


Jacobs Wells Baths, Jacobs Wells Road, BRISTOL, BS8 1DX


Present: Sally Silverman, Judy Goldsmith, Gillie Bolt, Sidika Petterson, Heather Watts, John Crinion, Jane Rogers.

Absent: Caroline Dixon

Introductions: Sally introduced Jane Rogers who is a Personal Trainer and has a company called Jumpstart.

Advisory User Group: Sally suggested we set up an Advisory User Group.  This should consist of people who run / attend our regular events in Jacobs Wells Baths and Bristol University.  Those present included our trusted key holders.  We record their names here: John Crinion, Gillie Bolt, Sally Silverman, Judy Goldsmith. Heather Watts, Caroline Dixon, Joanna Espiner, Angie Broome (Pindrop).  Action – Sally to supply the whole list of names.

Security: There is now a CCTV camera in the baths.  It operates 23.00-08.00.  There is an override.  Key holders will be sent an email to tell them the over-ride details / code.

Community Asset Transfer (CAT): Judy gave us a brief update.  The panel has made a decision about the future of the baths.  We are unable to give out any more details. We expect the council to announce details of the successful bidder in December 2017.

Inviting the Mayor to tea is a good idea.  Sally pitched it as a follow-up meeting (George Ferguson visited us in 2015).  This will give the local community a chance to respond to the future use of the baths.

Tai Chi: Bristol University Student’s Union have been very supportive.  There were sixteen people attending last time.  We discussed the possibility of running two classes in time.

We need to respond to the council about their withdrawal of the Pavilion from community use.  Action – Heather to draft an email.

Craft Hub: John and Gillie gave us some feedback about the creative projects that they have led.  The group shares ideas and works collaboratively.  The group is evolving organically.  Bristol Ageing Better funding can be used to buy materials.  Heather would like to see a simple flier on our noticeboards advertising the Craft Hub.  Action – Heather can prepare this but needs access to the craft hub logo.  The Craft Hub is accessible and low-cost.  Gillie has seen a wood-carver working locally.  This might provide us with a tutor.  Action – Gillie and John to provide images and text for the Craft Hub webpage.

Marketing: Jane Rogers will talk with Caroline (Chess) about our marketing strategy.

Bristol Rocks: Interest in local rocks is currently very high.  There is a children’s event 28/29 October 2017.  Twitter – #jacobsbaths

Bristol Ageing Better: We have funding for Dance.  This can be frozen until Sally and Jane have a health and well-being project for the money.

Jumpstart: Jane Rogers told us about her work experience to date.  Jane’s business has a commercial strand and a social enterprise strand.  Thus she supports communities at low-cost.  Her idea is to do a Wake and Shake event outdoors with young children.  This would be ideal for the space behind Brandon House.  This would initially run as a taster session.

Her approach is to identify the sort of people she is targeting and to seek those people out.  So standing outside the local school to find mothers is something she has done.  Judy and Sally are keen to use this approach to reach the parents of children at St George’s Primary School.

Working with Muslim women is also something that interests Jane.  She can work with incentives to encourage more people to attend.  Bristol Ageing Better funding can be used for intergenerational projects.  There is scope for diversity / heritage food sharing and swopping of recipes.  Jane mentioned 91 Ways (a local well established event).

Feedback form: Heather has designed a very simple form.  She will do a final edit so that we have an easy to read version.  Action: Heather – edit form.

Finance and Fundraising: Judy’s neighbour has prepared a list of Grant Giving Trusts that are suitable for the type of funding we need as an unincorporated association.  Becky has offered to help with completing application forms.

Heritage Project: Judy gave an overview of the Heritage Project.  The main body of work will be done between January and June 2018.  The project is very exciting.  John thought it lent itself to a costume drama.  Stories will be played-out on Bristol Ferry Company boat journeys.  The funding is £13600.  Ruth and Lori have asked if we could match-fund £1200.  We agreed with this and considered crowdfunding as an option for our part.  Judy will initially ask her neighbour (Becky) for advice.

Some wall space will be set aside for the Heritage Project within the Hub Space.

Walking Map: The Community Map is essentially on-hold until we are certain about getting a road crossing, and some certainty about the future name of the Jacobs Wells Baths building.  Sally will talk to the council about this.  The UWE masters students might be able to help with the map prior to publication.

Rear of Baths: This area is another location that could be worked on by the architecture students.  It would present some design challenges especially if the chimney is included in their plans.

St Mungos: Heather gave a brief summary essentially to say that we might have chance to do some free training around working with vulnerable community members.

Bristol Charities: Heather gave some feedback about Saturday’s meeting with Tracey from Bristol Charities.  There seems to be a few mixed messages about the part of Linkage and Bristol Charities work within Bristol.

Cyber Protection: Vivienne flagged the need to some training around safe use of computers.

Community Celebration and Children’s Party:  Sunday 17th December 2017 (15.00-18.00) will be our day in the building to celebrate the future of Jacobs Wells Baths.  Sally is keen to have a children’s party in the Main Studio while we can use it, and before any major building works begin.  Judy will lead on the heritage celebration.

Essentially we need two teams of people to organise on and before the day.  We understand that the children’s party will not need any structures beyond the large indoor space to play in.  Judy will start to prepare a list of people to invite to the heritage celebration.  We will be celebrating the future of the building and our community vision.  We will need to extend our thanks to so many people who have been part of the Community Asset Transfer process.  Caroline’s (Chess) name was mentioned.  Action: Sally will ask Simon Bishop if he could design a flier for the event.

Pindrop: Our committee thinks that Pindrop (Art Collaboration) should give a donation to the Hub.  This is because the group is a closed group.  We are clear that groups have the space free on the basis that they provide an inclusive session.

Hotwells Festival: Bob Walton has a meeting today about the Hotwells Festival idea.

Hub Space: Joel is happy if we want to paint the walls of the kitchen and storage room.

Tai Chi: The Tai Chi session will be running during half-term week but not on 6th November 2017.

Next meeting: Monday 30 October 2017 (18.30) – Jacobs Wells Baths