Our Hub Space


Fusion  granted us a licence to use this lovely room at Jacobs Wells Baths for free or low cost community events at zero rent for the duration of their own lease.  One off events or ongoing events that are open to our local community could happen in our space as long as one of our three key holders is present. We use the room ourselves each week for Craft Hub and each month for storytelling.

Suggestions for activities that we weren’t  yet providing but were  wanted in the community have included: singing, discussion groups, seed sharing project, plant swap, local history, astronomy, bike fixing workshop, planning sports teams such as football on Brandon Hill, magic for grandparents, writing… so our vibrant community is open pretty well to anything …for all ages.  We have used our space for many events but at present the building is awaiting an urgent upgrade and the main hall is closed for health and safety reasons.

Let us show you around, but currently we are not generally suggesting public events in the way we were when this video was made..