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Jacobs Wells Baths Audio Archive- Oral memories and more:

Click on this link to access the audio files (they are MP3 formatted with no picture so low on data usage)

Use the “<” and “>” icons to select files.

Files 01 to 05 are oral history podcasts made using the voices of people who used the baths.

Local children playing in  Brandon Buildings – 1954

Files  06 and 07 are soundscapes that recreate the swimming pool and hot baths.

Files are

01 Class and Context

02 Since Closure

03 Swimming in the Docks

04 Swimming

05 The Warm Baths.                   Sound Editor :Tot Foster

06 Communal Hot Baths Soundscape

07 Swimming Baths Soundscape.               Sound Editor: Stephen Goldsmith

At the top right of your screen are Icons that let you do things with the files Most of these options are disabled if you do not have the hightail app, but you can download the files without installing the app.

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Stephen Goldsmith MA AMPS
Film Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer