Event/workshop Promotions Guidelines

Here’s what  the Hub can do

  • List as an event on our website
  • Publish a blog on our website – text, images etc provided by you
  • Create a Facebook Event on our Facebook Page – we can make you a co-host
  • Share the Facebook Event in our Facebook Group and on Twitter
  • Include your event in our newsletter
  • Put your flyer on noticeboards


Here’s what we need from you

  • Description of the event
  • Image to promote the event
  • Links to YouTube videos etc *
  • Flyer *
  • Short bio for you
  • Photo of you

(* optional)


Suggestions to help you promote your event

  • If you have a Facebook Page (rather than a personal profile), you can create a Facebook Event and invite Jacobs Wells Community Hub page to be a co-host – this will ensure maximum exposure for your event. If you have only a Facebook profile, you will not be able add our page as a co-host, so it’s better we create the Event and add you as co-host.
  • Share the Event on your personal profile and in any other relevant Facebook groups. Add posts to the Discussion part of the Event – include images, videos if possible.
  • Share the link to the description of the event on your website or on the Hub blog to your Facebook profile, page, groups, on Twitter and any other online platforms you use.
  • Send out an email newsletter to your mailing list.
  • Create a printed flyer and make it available at local venues and any other local events you run. It can be good to include a QR code on the flyer which can be scanned on smartphones and link people directly to the event description page. (Hub can supply the QR code). Please send us your flyer draft for approval before getting flyers printed.
  • Tell people about it!