CPR Training

Thursday 15th November. 11.30 in Stephenson Room, Bristol University Students Union Building, 2nd floor.

We were offered free basic first aid/CPR training in a session open to all to immediately follow on from our usual Jacobs Wells Tai Chi session. This allowed hands on training on using a defibrillator, CPR, choking, recovery position and was a generous offer by Bristol University medical students who normally do this in schools. They accepted that active Hub Members are usually older people in our community who are in need of this in our daily activities and often mixing with vulnerable friends and relatives. The session lasted an hour to an hour and a half. The more participants the better for us, so that we have some people whenever we meet who have shared this training.

We gave a small donation form Tai Chi funds, plus some individuals and it was used to buy a choking vest, as in the pictures above, and had a lovely letter of thanks from the CPRis medical student team at Bristol University.